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Neil Rumming

Lives and works in London.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Happy Valley

Brockley Gardens, London


Feitiço (PDF)

Galeria Alegria, Madrid



The Sunday Painter, London


Hand Me Down (PDF)

COLE, London


Neil Rumming

Galerie Im Regierungsviertel / The Forgotten Bar, Berlin


Dirty Transmission (PDF)

The Police Gym, London


Neil Rumming

Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles

Selected Group Exhibitions


Uncertain Objects (Part 1)

Shopwork, Frome, Somerset


Taking Care: Collection Support Studio

Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, USA



The Block, London


Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking

Attercliffe™, Sheffield


Rare Collisions of Purpose (PDF)

Robert Cervera, Peggy Franck, Tom Humphries, Peter Lamb, Simon Mathers, Neil Rumming

Boetzelaer Nispen, Amsterdam

The Shop

Marcel Eichner, Ayse Erkem, Max Frisinger, Daniel Grüttner, Christian Jankowski, Michael Kalki, Thomas Kiesewetter, Jonathan Meese, Anselm Reyle, Neil Rumming, Michael Sailstorfer, Jorinde Voigt

Bourouina Gallery, Berlin



Björn Dahlem, Max Frisinger, Daniel Grüttner, Thomas Kiesewetter, David Noonan, Anselm Reyle, Neil Rumming

Bourouina Gallery, Berlin

Hands Off! (Curated by Francesca Gavin)

Aleksandra Domanovic, Anthony Antonellis, Benedict Drew, Bhakti Baxter, Celia Hempton, Harry Burden, Neil Rumming,

Nina Beier & Simon Dybbroe Møller



Swings & Roundabouts  (PDF)

Rebecca Ackroyd, Adriano Costa, Luke Diiorio, Hannah Perry, Neil Rumming

Kinman Gallery, New York

Flora, Fauna

Rebecca Ackroyd, Celia Hempton, Paul Kneale, Andrew Mealor, Hannah Perry, Neil Rumming, Jack Strange

Kinman Gallery, London

Spool (PDF)

Andrew Graves, Marco Palmieri, Neil Rumming

Ana Cristea Gallery, New York


OBJECTNESS (Curated by Peles Empire)

OUTPOST, Norwich

Conversation #2 (PDF)

Neil Rumming & Paul Schneider

Millington / Marriott at Weekends, London

Signs and Messages II

Fiona Banner, Alistair Frost, Marc Hundley, Kay Rosen, Neil Rumming, Stephen Willats

Kate MacGarry Gallery, London

Hausfrau (PDF)

Krister Klassman and Neil Rumming

COLE, London


One One One (PDF)

James Balmforth, Julian King, Oliver Michaels, Neil Rumming, Yonatan Vinitsky

Millington / Marriott at Annex East, London

Seriously Connected Old Greyhair (PDF)

John Henderson, David Ostrowski, Jon Rafman, Neil Rumming, Samara Scott.

Christopher Crescent @ HD:Projects, New York

Studio Voltaire 12 (Selected by Mike Nelson and Jenni Lomax)

Studio Voltaire, London

James Iveson, Neil Rumming, Jack Vickridge (PDF)

Christopher Crescent, London


Friendship of the Peoples

Simon Oldfield Gallery, London


Creekside Open 2011 (Selected by Dexter Dalwood)

APT Gallery, Deptford, London


Tropical Meltdown

Gareth Cadwallader, Hector Castells, Ed Fornieles, Kate Groobey, Gabriel Hartley, Aki Ilomaki, James Iveson, Nick Jeffrey, Marcus Leotaud, Iwan Lewis, Simon Mathers, Neil Rumming, Dorothea Stiegemann, Sonja Weissmann

44 Whitmore Road, London


Vor Gott Ist Alle Kunst Scheisse

Oktober, Düsseldorf, Germany

Your Life Needs it

Josh Blackwell, Nicolas Deshayes, Aki Ilomaki, James Iveson, Thomas Kratz, Simon Mathers, Laura Morrison, Neil Rumming, Maxwell Simmer, Jesse Wine

The Sugar House, London


Silly Things (PDF)

Fold Gallery, London


John Moores 25 Contemporary Painting Prize

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool


The Souvenir Mine

Satoru Aoyama, Peter Donaldson,  Paul Johnson, Graham Little, Neil Rumming

Mizuma Gallery, A.R.T Tokyo, Japan


Eduardo Leme Gallery, Sao Paulo


England's Dreaming

Donna Beam Gallery, UNLV. Las Vegas


Benjamin Butler, Ian Hundley, Ian Patrick, Neil Rumming, William Villalongo

Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles



Kingdom (PDF)

Market Gallery, Glasgow


The Great Unsigned

Zoo Art Fair, London


Happy Go lucky

VHDG, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands



The Lost Collection of an Invisible Man (Curated by Brian Griffiths)

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne      



We all Love (Curated by Matt Williams & Anthea Hamilton)

The Mission, London


Becks Futures 3 (Press Release)

ICA London, CCA Glasgow, Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield


Hypnotising Chickens

Cedar Lewisohn, Neil Rumming, Toby Ziegler

One in the Other, London



What if I told you the truth?

Cell Project, London



Kunststiftung Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart, Germany


Tattoo Show

Modern Art, London


Tirana Biennale

National Gallery of Albania


East of Eden

Spacex Gallery, Exeter


Fear it, Do it anyway

Vilma Gold Project Space, London


Selected Publications & Articles


England: Talking of Art, Fondazione Imago Mundi, Antiga Edizioni (2020, pgs 234-235)

Scrap Ghosts!, Scrapzine, Studionovel (2018, pg 7 & pg 10)

Rise Of The Soft Machines, Sleek Magazine (Winter 2015, pgs 182-191)

Urban Renaissance, Vogue Magazine (August 2015, pg 147)

Artist of the Week, Dazed Digital, Francesca Gavin (September 2013)

Neil Rumming, Twin Magazine, Volume 7 (Autumn/Winter 2012, pg 45)

Silly Things, Catalogue (Fold Gallery, London, 2009, pgs 60-67)

‘Dirty Transmission’, Art & Music, (Summer 2009, pg 46)

John Moores 25 Painting Prize, Catalogue, 2008 (Walker Art Gallery, pgs 92-93)

Happy Go Lucky, Catalogue (VHDG Holland, pgs 34-35)

British Artists at Work, Assouline Books, 2003 (pgs 246-251)

Neil Rumming: Off with their heads! Modern Painters (Summer 2003, pgs 116-117)

Adventures in Saatchiland, Telegraph Magazine (March 29 2003, pgs 46-53)

Charley 01 (Distributed Art Publishers 2002, pg 19)

Becks Futures 2002, Catalogue (ICA London, pgs 54-59)

Tirana Biennial Catalogue (Giancarlo Politi Editore 2001, pgs 362-363)

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